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Welcome to Mall One, a unique opportunity. We are proud to introduce Mall One, located in the heart of Rawalpindi - Unique in its stature it is situated on a prime location on Main Mall Road opposite Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology (AFIC). Mall Road is a distinguished location where businesses thrive all year long. With some of the most popular businesses such as Shaheen chemist and D-Watson, Mall Road attracts a vast array of customers from abroad and all over Pakistan due to its strategic location and the proximity to several key areas of the city including Benazir International Airport and busy Saddar.

Mall One is a shopper’s paradise and offers a variety of shops in different sizes as well as commercial offices with huge covered car park in basement. Mall One has an accumulated covered area of 21,645 Sqf consisting of 5 floors: Basement, Lower Ground Floor, Upper Ground floor, First Floor and Second Floor. Constructed by well renowned Pak Property Dealers, construction is quickly on its way with reliable earth-quake proof structure with beautiful alleviation and a distinctive shopping precinct with wide walkways where you surely get to do business year after year.

The speed at which property rates are increasing on Mall Road Rawalpindi, shops and offices will be sky high in the near future which makes Mall One an extra ordinary chance for investors. There is no other opportunity to buy shops/units or do business anywhere else on Main Mall Road and in Rawalpindi on the whole. Feel free to visit Mall One and see for yourself.

Unique Shops

Be it for high-end retail or for everyday commodity need, Mall One is a shopping arcade pact with a convenience of a modern day one-stop shopping. Mall One offers a mix of well-designed and spacious 30 shops/Units for you to choose from. The elegant composition of glass and white marble, shops are available on Lower Ground Floor, Ground floor and First floor. You and your shoppers enjoy a range of state-of-the-art facilities including security, spacious car park, fire security system, shopping concierge and many more.

Mall One boasts an impressive Shopping Mall packed with a plethora of leading brands and is an ultimate destination in Rawalpindi for shopping. This is a destination for all the leading brands to have a store in the busiest location of the twin cities. It’s a perfect plaza for you to expand the horizons of your business whether you are a Jewelry brand, Fashion and personal care brand, handicrafts or a pharmaceutical retailer.

Sized at 14’x38’ in different great spots in the plaza. Shops are available on easy installments or cash payment. There is only a limited number of shops available so don’t miss the chance of your lifetime to book one for you.

Unique Offices

This is a great chance for you to have an office in a reputable building on a prime location with a secured car park. These features are a necessity if you are genuinely looking to grow on solid grounds.

Mall One is an ideal spot for all kinds of business and industries – technology, energy, industrial products and services, professional products and services, real-estate and the list goes on. Whether you are a small company or a medium sized organization, Mall One has something to fulfil your business requirements.

Mall One has a huge hall that can be split into segments to fit in your organizational needs. Offices are available on flexible payment plan or cash payment. Contact us today if you don’t wish to miss out on a great opportunity.

Second Floor

Unique Surroundings

Mall One is located on main Mall Road, a main commercial hub located opposite AFIC, Mall-one is situated on a spot for great business opportunities. It already has some major business and commercial centers, main branches of major Pakistani banks and elite residential areas.

Mall One has a unique location adjacent to main mall road, it is viewed from the entire traffic on GT Road since it is located on the curve of the road. There is no such location in Rawalpindi as of Mall One.

Only few kilometers from Benazir International Airport and yards from Saddar, Mall One has a strategic location which grabs attention from not just the residents of twin cities but also from travelers.

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